University life in Canada

daily jiwon

I’ve spent my Grenfell university life for a month ,and 2 months are left now. It is my first time to study abroad. Studying abroad means for me  that experiences new education system( It’s really interesting because I only experienced Korean Education,which was terribly hard to me due to a lot of stress and pressure.) I think here’s education system is totally up to student because there are no compulsory and restriction about how students behave and how we manage our school life.So I love to study in  Canada. Also I can get close to natural environment. It helps me to feel alive and relieve my stress. Because maintaining healthy mentality is hard at Korea, it is very valuable time to me. Sometimes I wanted to go to my hometown,but these environment hold me to stay and to appreciate at my daily life.

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Shih An's blog


Hi everyone! My name is Shih-An, you can also call me Annie:)I’m from Taiwan.Taiwan is an island surrounded by sea,but i am not a good swimmer…HAHA

When i am free, i enjoy watching movie and taking a trip.Though my major is international and comparative education, my dream job is working in a travel agency:)Traveling to a new place can make my life more colorful!

After a long long flight, i am in Corner Brook now. Though this is not my first time to Canada, everything is still new to me. Last year, i went to Victoria for a summer program,i had a great time there.Thanks to the support of my family and school, i’m so glad that i can back to Canada in one year, because i really enjoy the life in Canada and want to get involved in Canadian life more!!!Also, i’m very excited to take an adventure in…

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About Lily’s island

Lily'a island

So, the traveler started her first adventure in Canada.

Although taking plane for 25 hours from Taiwan to Newfoundland was totally made her extremely exhausted, she was still surprised to the fresh air in Corner Brook, where her first destination was. The crystal-clear blue sky swept away her bad mood, cold and fresh air woke her up, and kind people gave her courage to face the whole new beginning. But she still felt afraid.

Lily, whose real name goes by Liu, Li-Shi, is never an extroverted person. She is a 20-year-old girl from Taiwan, a small island next to China. She is now studying at Memorial University of Newfoundland as an exchange student to learn English. Her passion toward languages comes from the passion to reading. Novel is here favorite one. Oh, actually, she only reads novels. Or maybe a little bit prose, but only just a little bit. Novels are…

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Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen

Eunyi in Canada

Hello everyone! I’m Eunyi Shin from South Korea. I’m now in Cornor Brook, Canada to study English. My major is Clothing & Textile in my hometown and here, I have ESL classes and 2 undergraduated courses in Grenfell Campus, Memorial University.

My first impression to Cornor Brook was like below.

  • Natural
  • Quiet
  • Green
  • Low Skyline
  • Small
  • Little bit unconvient

When I was in flight, just before landing, I was surprised of the natural scenery here. So I took a lot of photos. Below is one of that photos. Also, when getting off the flight, I thought that this airport is the most green and smallest airport that I have ever visited.

untitled.pngAnd in Korea, there’re a lot of tall buildings so that skyline is high and it’s hard to see the sky. But here, almost every building is low and the view is full of sky and tree.

Here is so lovely…

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Thursday Themes – Tom Halford

Jo Fenton

I’m very happy today to be welcoming the talented Tom Halford to my Thursday Themes blog. Tom has joined me to discuss the themes of his newly released novel: enticingly named ‘Deli Meat’


Over to you, Tom…

Colourless Green Conspiracies in Deli Meat

by Tom Halford

 Colourless green ideas sleep furiously.

Noam Chomsky created that sentence to demonstrate that a string of words might be grammatically correct but not make any sense. Sometimes that’s how I feel about the world. Everything seems to be working properly, but I sure do have trouble making sense of it all.

Deli Meat, my dark comedy crime novel was released on September 17th, and one of its major themes is conspiracies. Sometimes conspiracies are about trying to make sense of the world. Other times, they’re about deliberately trying to ignore a truth we’d rather not accept.

At their core, conspiracies are about trying…

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